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Travel story of Night-out with Strangers

Travel story of Night-out with Strangers

We have a predefined image of stranger in our head since our childhood. We have always been advised to stay away from strangers, advised to not to indulge in any conversation with them and not to share anything specially food stuffs.

Everyone in our once was stranger to us until we talk to them. I guess you remember all your first meetings with your friends, see now you have been friends for so long just by having that first conversation to a stranger.

Once I was sitting alone in a bar in Amsterdam looking at everyone else who all were stranger to me until a tall white guy came across and said “Hey! Can i join you” I replied him “yaa sure!”. We didn’t talk to each other for a moment and at that moment I had a lot of questions in my head about him like, who is he?, What is he doing here ?, Is he also  traveler like me, which country he belongs to? and a lot more others.

Suddenly, I started talking to him, started by asking his name, country, and language. Within no time we get to know each other very well. He is Scottish, he is an architect and having a break from his work. After few minutes, a white girl came across. She is the same girl who is sharing room with me as it was 8 bed mix dormite. Now all three of us were talking and then we decided to play cards. But it doesn’t stay longer because the girl ask us to go to Red Light area and see some boobies. Firstly, we both were shocked that how a girl can suggest something like this. But after a long discussion we left the bar and went to the area, it was around 12 at midnight.


I was pretty much excited because now I have two friends (strangers) and we are heading to a place which is like a heaven for boys, hots girls around in just two piece dress and brothels around. Being there with a girl in your group makes it a little bit strange but she was more excited then both of us. We keep on moving around and around watching beautiful ladies, asking for sex but for money. At a moment me and the Scottish guy decided to go inside but that was making uncomfortable for the English girl so we decided to not to go.

After an amazing tour to Amsterdam’s Red Light area with two strangers. We decided to go to a bar but the guy suggested that there a meetup that we can join. Walking on the streets of Amsterdam at mid-night was an amazing experience for all of us. After a long walk we reached that party but the timing wasn’t right because we reached at 2 A.M and the party was almost over. Still, we stayed there took some drinks discussing about the pains of each other’s life.


That night was pretty much long, finally at 3:10 AM in the morning we decided to go back to hostel when we reached hostel we took on more drink in the bar of hostel talk about languages, politics, sports and a lot more. And finally nearly at 4:30 we go to bed after collection lots of memories from Amsterdam.

Aasif Rajput

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