A Trip to the Taj Mahal

A Trip to the Taj Mahal

It was my last trip with my college friends so we decided to make it a little bit special by choosing the best destination. And you know it can’t be better than the Taj Mahal.
It was mid-summer, not an ordinary one but the “Agra summer” where the temperature goes to 44°C, 45°Cand 46°C. We (me and my 3 friends) took the train from Delhi to Agra. We all had a very tight budget, no shopping, no extra expenses just Taj Mahal and just some the ki mithai (famous regional sweet) for family.
I was the one who was leading the group so it was my responsibility to stick to the budget and make sure everyone enjoys. After reaching station we took an auto (taxi) and headed towards Jama masjid Agra it was a bit far from Taj Mahal because never rent hotels near famous places charges are high at those places. We rented a single room with two beds which cost us around ₹600/night (nearly $ 8). We went to a Muslim restaurant for dinner and we enjoyed Korma-Roti which nearly cost us around $2 (for all). The advice comes if you are in India and you are non-vegetarian then for sure find a decent Muslim restaurant around you because that may offer you a delicious, spicy, and cheapest food.
Next day in the morning we tried to leave the hotel as soon as possible but still, the sun was over the heads. It was like burning in hell still we took an auto for and went there stood for hours in the queue for the ticket. It was getting worse and worse just burning in the sunlight. Somehow we managed to get the tickets.
And the moment was here when I first saw that building (Taj Mahal), built with white marbles on the bank of Yamuna river in the memory of his wife. I took a moment to feel that, I forget all about hotness out there, I was just staring at the building (Taj Mahal) which gives a different satisfaction. I wish I could put that feeling into words. We all were in kind of a shock, how could a building be that much beautiful.

Then we moved further to go inside before that we took some photos. And here it comes, I told you it was hot out there and shoes are not allowed in Taj Mahal, ohh barefoot, burning marble, long queues. You can imagine how was it but it all worth, all this sacrifice we made. It took a few hours to have a tour to Taj inside and then went out and headed to Bazaar(market) near Taj Mahal. One more advice comes here never buy anything from there because the same thing can be bought from the market inside the city at a much lower price.

It was nearly 2 PM and we were starving, I advised to go back to the same place where we had the dinner last night but one of us saw a board of cheaper Roti (Bread). We went there ordered the same Korma-Roti and we were f**ked this time. We left that food and bought some snacks and cold drinks went back to the hotel waiting for the sun to cool down.

Now we decided to explore the city, we went to Red Fort Agra, and Jama Masjid. It took all our evening and we planned to go to Fatehpur Sikri in the night but after reaching the station, all our wallets change our mind and we took a train back to Delhi and early in the morning I was back home after having an incredible experience.

I can only advice you If you ever plan to go to Taj Mahal make sure you choose a time slot in between October, November and February and March. Before going there please be sure about your budget and plan Everything following that. At last, don’t forget to try Korma-Roti near Jama Masjid Agra.


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