New Year in Barcelona

New Year in Barcelona

A fresh start to a new year in Barcelona by eating a bunch of grapes along with wine on every strike of the bell surrounded by the hundreds of people enjoying the lighting festival at Montjuic Magic Fountain show in Barcelona. This is somehow my new year start this time by looking at other peoples doing such stuff.
I’m travelling to the major cities in Europe started from Barcelona on 30th December without making any plans, budget and intentions or any fucking to-do list.
My first task is always to go to the red light areas of the city (La Rambla street) and to have sex but just to see the beautiful stuff. In Barcelona, it’s not that much number of girls but enough to have a good time. Looking at blonde girls while walking through the streets asking them about the prices gives me a different kind of satisfaction. After doing the same stuff in the mid of night then I went back to the hostel.
The next day I wake up till the half of the day had already gone, this time I wanted to do something different from last night so I went to the beach watching the waves, observing peoples who are pretending to have a really good time on the last evening of the year. After all, this what I wanted is just food but with me, there is a problem that I only refer to eat only Indian food. So I went to an Indian restaurant and order a veg Biryani.
My plan was just to watch that lightning festival, capture videos and pictures on New Year in Barcelona then went back to the hostel and have a nice sleep.



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