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10 Tips for Travellers

10 Tips for Travellers

Travelling has always been a great source of experiencing something new and exciting, either it may be putting yourself in a whole new culture or eating something that you don’t even know the name.
There is enough number of things to know and remember before planning a trip which people ignores most of the times.
Here are my tips for travellers that I concluded in my previous travels

Money plays a significant role in travel planning, well if you are multimillionaire then it may not be applicable. But you are here that means you are also among us. The first step should be budgeting your trip including travel fares, food expenses, and living expenses.

2. Packing
Prepare a list before starting your packing and try to keep your list as short as possible by eliminating less useful stuff. I would like to suggest you start with daily usage stuff like toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, soap and shampoo etc.

3. Selection of Destinations
Every Destination has its own beauty and adventure so each of them deserves a little bit of research. Before entering a new destination you should be aware of a few things about that destination like popular places, activities, food, clubs, drinks, and culture. Also, you should plot your timing to each of these so that you could save your time and money.

4. Currency Exchange
If you are travelling abroad, in that case, you should exchange some money in advance. But if your plans are for later then keep yourself updated with a conversion rate and exchange your whole budget amount whenever you feel you could save some money. And the most important thing always exchange money with an unauthorized person because they may fraud with you.
I exchanged €60 at Prague station with an unknown guy, he just offered me low conversion rates so I did but later I found that the money was invaluable.

5. Selection of Travel Timing
Like I went on my solo euro trip in winters it’s just because I wanted to save money but I compromised with some exciting summer moments in Europe. Especially in Berlin where it was raining continuously for 4 days and I wasn’t able to go out. This is the point which may create amazing memories for you or it may ruin your trip. You should always be aware of this on and off seasons of your travel destinations. Most of the people choose on seasons just to enjoy more and more but a few of us chooses offseasons that’s because it may have some money. Like I went on my solo euro trip in winters it’s just because I wanted to save money but I compromised with some exciting summer moments in Europe.

6. Choose Local buses and trains
Don’t Every city provides local transportation which is much cheaper than uber or other transportation. In many places, you can buy passes that may be valid for a day or fixed number of journeys before opting for the pass, please keep in mind about your next travelling plans in the city.

7. Use offline maps and paper maps
While travelling in other countries, one of the major issues is network connectivity. There are many places where you can connect free wi-fi like railway stations, metro stations and cathedrals. Whenever you connected try to download the offline map for your convenience or you can get free maps from your hostel accommodation.

8. Talk to locals and other Travellers
Use the meetup or Couchsurfing app in order to meet locals and other travellers. These apps help you to find nearby activities and ask you to join them to create everlasting memories.
I found these apps helpful by which I joined many activities like werewolves in Barcelona, night out in Prague with 2 unknowns, and students party in Zagreb.

9. Don’t Travel Alone
I have always argued that travelling alone is the best but when I went on my euro trip then I realized that I was wrong. You should be with someone who is equally crazy like you otherwise you won’t be able to click your full pictures. It really sucks when you are alone and no one is around to shoot you.

10. Accommodation
Be wise while choosing your accommodation, if you are really fucking rich then it’s not for you. But if you are among us who thinks “kaash koi Dharamshala mil jaaye “ then you could choose hostels to stay. You can find cheap accommodation by comparing websites like hostel World, TripAdvisor, and a lot more.

These are ten tips for travellers that may help you to travel safe, save money and hope that you may enjoy. Wish you a happy journey, if you find this article helpful let us know by commenting below. Also, follow me on social media to get more travel tips.

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